NorceMog Autotest at The British Commercial Vehicle Museum, Leyland - 19th June 2016

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Autotest Report

Competitors arrive and catch up

Hi Viz for the marshalls

Andy Bleasdale's renovation now has a bumper!

...and just down there is an engine...

Drivers start your engines

Martin Cocks at the start line instructing marshalls for bar height - and then driving underneath it - he hopes!

Chris Harfield's 3 wheeler - adjustable height screen very useful!

Why our secretary does not have any scrapes on front nearside wing - nearside wheel is supposed to be on the footprint!

Tennis ball challenge for the Bleasdale Ladies

Adrian Grant on slalom

Martin & Amanda placing the tennis balls

Chris & Ann Harfield

The Trophy Hunters from L to R
Ann Harfield - Best Lady
Chris Harfield - 3 Wheeler Winner and 1st Concours
Martin Cocks - 2nd Autotest
Matt Bleasdale - 1st Autotest
Roy Senior - 3rd Autotest
John Anderson - 2nd Concourse

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