Norcemog Awards

The following buttons give details of the awards and list of previous winners

Life's Cup Kelly Cup Harvey Cup

Layshaft Award Wilkinson Sword Gymkhana Shield

Glendower Cup Glenise's Shield Scriptwriters Award Anderson Trophy








Trophy Introduced Reason for Award
 Life's Cup 1972  Most enthusiastic Member
 Kelly Cup 1974  Sporting Achievement Award
 Harvey Cup 1978  Concours Winner
 Wilkinson Sword 1979  Organiser of best attended event
 Layshaft Award 1979  Bump of the year!
 Gymkhana Shield 1991  Gymkhana Winner
 Glendower Cup 1996  Overall winner of Autotest / Concours combined
 Glenise's Shield 1998  Best overall lady in combined Autotest and Gymkhana
 Scriptwriters Award 2000  Most / original contributions to the Newsletter
 Anderson Trophy 2008  Best Young Driver in combined Autotest and Gymkhana